ATSC 3.0 - Better Reception

ATSC 3.0 - Better Reception

So, now we know that the picture quality is much better than what I have today. Awesome, but today I can't get all the channels over their with an indoor antenna...I tried. ATSC 1.0 is based on 8VSB which has deficiencies regarding reach, penetration and mobility.

Yes, I can receive free OTA digital TV today with an indoor antenna...but it is tricky. It really depends on where you are located at in relationship to the transmitters. You can find your reception of today's standard at this great website:

This is a sample for my town:

As you can see, the reception is not that great and I most likely need a roof antenna for full coverage...which is not pretty!
OK, now what? ATSC 3.0 is based on OFMD and tends to have better performance in dynamic and high level static multipath situations, and offers advantages for single frequency networks (SFN) and mobile reception.

ATSC 3.0 will provide more robust reception Over-the-Air and a greater selection of content/channels. That means, it can reach more viewers easily. It is even possible to receive the signal in basements etc. which makes secondary TVs even more feasible without the expensive cable bill.


As the reception is better as described above, it also will be more efficient way to deliver data and content to moving vehicles, including:
  • rear-seat entertainment, 
  • trains; and maybe even
  • subways. 
If cell phone providers integrate the ATSC 3.0 functionality, you would be able to view TV on your phone without the data charge or buffering.
This link shows test results gathered by some real RF guys.

In the future, one would even think to deliver updates and information for cars and navigation systems.


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